Interview with Author Jenny O’Brien

Today we are delighted to host an interview with Jenny O’Brien, the author of Ideal Girl and Boy Brainy. Welcome, Jenny!

Hi, thanks for inviting me on to your blog.


When did you start writing? Or have you always done so?

I’ve been writing for about six years. While I always wanted to write a book I never really thought any more about it, that is until I came up with the name Daii Monday,  the main character in Boy Brainy. The story started from there.

Have you written other novels/works that have not been published?

I have outlines but not finished products. I have two more books in my head that I’m keen to get started on, but I’m concentrating on the books in hand before I start anything else.

What inspired you to write Ideal Girl and Boy Brainy?

Boy Brainy was inspired by my own experience of school bullying. Ideal Girl from something I heard on the radio about how the ideal for a Girl is a dark haired Irish nurse.

Have you put yourself into the story? Do you identify with one of the characters?

No, absolutely not! I’m far too boring to be in a book. That’s why I read and write, it’s all escapism for me.

Does the bullying issue in Boy Brainy reflect an experience close to heart for you?

Yes. I think all adults can equate to being bullied at some time in their life. I’m not an expert, but I have seen the damage it can cause at first hand.

How about the romance in Ideal Girl – is this your medical experience talking? Are hospitals really like that?

I hope not! Nurses are far too busy looking after patients to have time to cavort with doctors. Someone compared the humour in my book to being like a Carry On movie, which I view as a great compliment. It’s my tongue in cheek look at an environment which is oftentimes very difficult to work in.


Your adult novel is in a very different style from Boy Brainy – is it difficult for you as a writer to move from one genre to another? What are the pitfalls when changing from children’s writing to adult fiction?

I write them in different voices. With Boy Brainy I write in first person as an eleven year old boy – who wouldn’t want to be an eleven year old boy – all that mud and no housework!

My romances are in third person, I prefer this viewpoint as it gives me a much greater flexibility.

I also don’t write children’s and adult books simultaneously, which helps.

Are there any plans to bring out print editions?

No, not at present.

What is the overall impression you hope readers will take from your books?

That they’re funny, but not comedic. That they’re dark but not oppressive and finally for my medical romances – that they’re clean, or innocent if you like. If you enjoyed 50 shades you won’t like my work.

What’s next? Are you planning a sequel for each one?

Yes, the sequel to Ideal Girl will hopefully be out at Christmas and I’m half way through a sequel for Boy Brainy.

Thankyou, Jenny, and good luck with your future writing.

Jenny’s books are available here.


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