Wheel-Mouse vs All the Crazy Robots

Wheel-Mouse vs All The Crazy Robots

This is about a book and about a little girl. Celyn Lawrence has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy. This means that she cannot move anything except her eyes.She also has to contend with life threatening epilepsy and she is life limited. And within that treacherous body that won’t work as Celyn deserves, there is a fabulous imagination, one that has produced a glorious work of children’s fantasy.


The story is about a young mouse in a wheelchair. Wheel-Mouse, as she is called, has a marvellous magical power – zumming. This is something like zooming, only better, faster, more exciting. One terrible day something happens on Earth: robots land and start to spoil the place with their poo! With her magical zumming, it is Wheel-Mouse’s task to come up with a plot to do away with the robots and save the Earth. Simple, yet hilarious, this is a story children will enjoy tremendously, and laugh all the way through. And perhaps it will also inspire them to look twice at their wheel-chair using peers.

This is a lovely little book for children, written by a girl who was just 8 years old at the time of writing, and whose sense of humour is what shines out from the pages.

Not only that, but the book is for a generous cause: all proceeds go to the Children’s Hospice charity for terminally ill and life-limited children.

And here is Celyn herself, presenting the cheque for the money raised so far to the Hospice:


You can watch Wheel-Mouse here on youtube, and it is available to buy on Amazon Kindle:

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