A Struggle to Communicate

Imagine that you cannot speak.


You cannot control your arms to sign in order to communicate that way.


You can listen and learn and you understand what is going on aound you, but you cannot respond. You cannot react. You cannot join in.

Imagine that you want to express yourself, and though you cannot, there is a way. A device that could help you, but it is denied to you. It is too costly.

Now stop imagining, because this is true. This is the reality for 12-year-old Celyn. She 12822151_1123180684393306_2672434_ncannot speak, she cannot sign. There is a device that would give her a whole new lease of life, that would make an enormous difference to her quality of life. But these things don’t just drop out of the sky: they need to be paid for. Put yourself in those shoes again, and ask yourself if any 12-year-old should have to go through life unable to communicate.


Fortunately, there is a way to help: here is Celyn’s fundraising page.

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