Young Adult

Five Wounds by Katharine Edgar

It is 1536. The north of England has boiled over into rebellion against Henry VIII and the rebels march south towards London, growing stronger by the day. Sixteen-year-old Nan Ellerton, sent home from her convent when the King’s commissioners arrived, has been promised in marriage to a powerful lord. When both he and his son Francis become embroiled in the revolt, Nan must choose – help the rebels, even though it could mean paying the brutal penalty for treason, or betray her beliefs and risk eternal damnation. A stunning historical novel for teenagers from debut author Katharine Edgar, Five Wounds tells a story of adventure, passion and courage, set against the backdrop of the Pilgrimage of Grace.

Pre-teen Fiction

The InstaExplorer Series by Millie Slavidou

A fabulous series of adventure stories, featuring Lucy Evans, a strong, modern British teen. Armed with her smartphone, and full of life, Lucy takes on the world with confidence. Each book presents a few words and phrases in the local language of the place where it is set, giving young readers a real taste of the life and culture.

Olympias Clue pictureDragon's Rock picture lucy_evans_helau_cover

  1. The Olympias Clue Lucy’s journey begins in a small town in Greece, where between sending messages to her friends back home, and exploring her new home, Lucy makes an intriguing discovery in an overgrown park. Ancient Greek carvings on hidden marble stone – and a clue to a long lost part of history.
  2. Dragon’s Rock Lucy heads to the hills and valleys of rural Wales. Stumbling across a crime scene in picturesque Blaenau Ffestiniog, Lucy is determined to solve the mystery of a missing woman, along with her cool artist cousin Bethan. Set against the backdrop of Welsh language speakers and local folklore, this is a hauntingly atmospheric tale.
  3. Carnival in Germany Continue the theme of experiencing local culture, Lucy takes a trip to the German city of Würzburg, to attend the yearly carnival. Lucy and her friend visit tourist attractions and take part in the celebrations, sharing updates with their friends via social media. Readers can enjoy the Instagram-style illustrations while learning about about the history and traditions of the Franconian city. For tweens and teens, this book offers a fascinating insight into the normal lives of children in other countries.
  4. 12299888_747767018662553_712728856_oChristmas in Greece Lucy takes part in the vibrant local Christmas celebrations, where she discovers some surprising customs. This heart-warming little tale will transport you straight into the heart of a rich culture and give you a little taste of its language.




Pre-teen Non-Fiction

The 12 Women Series

This series aims to fill in the gaps in history by telling the stories of women, whose voices are often overlooked and forgotten in favour of their male counterparts. A great way to give young girls some positive images of women.


12 Awesome Women Explorers You’ve Never Heard Of  by Lynn Schreiber

12 Awesome Women of Science You’ve Never Heard Of by Samantha Gouldson

12 Awesome Women of the Stage You’ve Never Heard Of by Sarah Whitfield12299633_747766968662558_929438916_o

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